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Making a difference every day.



We are lucky and grateful for the opportunity to work with some of the most wonderful students, parents, schools, and communities. It is a very happy and satisfying experience for us. Here are some comments we have received from them:

“I’ve only heard wonderful things about the coding class. One mother said that her son wanted to keep going after he got home. Another boy, Oscar, is asking why the class happens only once a week.”
– Alan B., The Valley School (October 2, 2015)


“Miles can’t wait to participate again next term!!  Thank you for inspiring and guiding them on this incredibly creative, fun and educational computing class – we appreciate all your time this last quarter!!”
– Anne N. (December 14, 2015)

“The Creative Computing Summer Camp was one of our daughter’s best camps this summer and she would like to continue in your after school program once school starts. She really liked the staff as well and that is rare for her. We really appreciate what you do and how you stand for girl coders.”
– Ben A., Parent

“Wanted to share with you how excited Kyle was to show me the game he created in coding. I got home last night and he showed me how it worked, and explained it all to me. Earlier in the evening he showed it to his Grandma, who is visiting. He’s very proud of the work he does in your class. Who knows, maybe we have a programmer on our hands.”
– Blaine, Parent


100-percent Success! We took an an anonymous survey after our Creative Computing Summer Camp and guess what? 100% of the students said they would recommend our camp to others! (Summer 2015)


“Thank you so much! The girls loved it. I will look into signing them again!”
-Tanya S., Mother of twins Rhea & Aarya

“Paul LOVED the class and was thrilled at the opportunity to show us what he had learned each time. We would love the opportunity to get him on a track to coding. With a dad who’s a game developer and a mom working at Oculus VR he gets to see the possibilities of creativity in coding. We will look into enrolling him in CK’s summer sessions. He would LOVE it.”
– Paula C. (June 10, 2015)

“Thank you, my son had a really great time. He continues to tinker with Cave Escape, the game he created at the camp, and is working some more with Greenfoot. I think he will be interested again next summer.”
– Alicia G. (September 23, 2015)

“We checked and saw that the kids were all actively involved. Yea! Jordan is an excellent instructor. She listens to suggestions and usually implements them. We can see that the kids are getting a quality education.”
– Jane McLane, Afterschool Coordinator, Kimball Elementary