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We love making programming fun for kids!

About Us


Our Vision

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Education must evolve with today’s computing-intensive world. Along with reading, writing, math, biology, physics, and chemistry, understanding the fundamentals of computing is critical to becoming well-educated citizens for today’s kids. Our goal is to empower the next generation of students to be knowledgeable and passionate about computer science from an early age.

Kids who learn collaborative, problem-solving computing skills early in their education will be equipped to become creators rather than just consumers of technology.

Our Approach

Too often students are turned off computing by factors that make the subject seem dull and mystifying. Yet we’ve seen that it’s not hard to get kids excited about building cool games and solving difficult problems together. In the process, they learn the theory and tools that make computer science work.

Our approach is to focus on creating a fun, explorative, and collaborative learning environment. We select enthusiastic instructors with a background in teaching and send them through our rigorous training program. Every one of our educators is highly skilled and focused on creating a classroom environment that inspires girls and boys from every background to get hooked on computer science.

Who We Are

We are a group of smart, dedicated professionals who share a passion for inspiring young people to realize how fun and rewarding computer science can be, and how it can open doors to amazing careers and even solve big societal problems.

Ritu Bahl

Ritu has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. She has held senior technical leadership positions in multi-national hardware and software companies including Harris Semiconductors, Digital Equipment Corporation (now Hewett-Packard), Microsoft Corporation, and Amazon Inc. At Microsoft she was part of the core operating systems division where she delivered over a dozen important features in three Windows release cycles by motivating diverse engineering teams and driving results through all stages of the development cycle. At Amazon, she led a games platform group to deliver Amazon’s video game analytic service in record time. Previously she founded S-Cube and served as its chief executive officer. S-Cube provided software consulting services to the top Fortune 100 companies.

She received her BS and MS degrees in electrical and computer engineering from Rutgers University and the University of Massachusetts respectively. She received her MBA degree in Technology Management from the University of Washington Seattle.

Ritu founded CK to help change the perception that innovation in computing is limited to individuals with certain types of personalities. She is on a mission to inspire young people, especially young girls, to embrace computing by showing them the fun side of it while exposing them to the possibilities of having positive impact on our global society.


Nina Smith-Gardiner

With a background in the sciences and the arts, I am excited to be creating a program that inspires kids to fearlessly delve into computing with the support of fun teachers and a creative format of instruction. As a young woman I didn’t have role models to give me the courage to continue on my path in the engineering field. I veered off into the arts because it felt safer and more familiar. (Luckily I got my courage up later and became an architect!) I want everyone, especially girls, to feel they are supported and encouraged to pursue a career in computer science and related fields

Princeton University, BA, cum laude
Hunter College, City University of New York, MFA
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), M.Arch

Alka Manchanda

Alka has extensive experience with tech companies as an engineer, manager, and top-level director from her time at Cisco Systems. She has an MS degree in computer science from the University of New Hampshire as well as two undergrad degrees, a BA in math/computer science from Smith College and a BS in computer science from Delhi University.

Shannon Ladymon

Shannon has an MA degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and taught ESL in Japan and the US for many years before becoming interested in computer science. Now she is currently a masters student in Computational Linguistics at UW.

Brianna Matthew

Brianna graduated from Central Washington University with degrees in Environmental Science and Interdisciplinary Social Science. She started her management career in retail and has managed businesses in both corporate and state sectors. She joined Computing Kids to bring her expertise in organizational management and contribute to a business that inspires children to learn computing skills and think creatively.

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