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Computing Kids offers computer science classes to students K-8, using sound computer science principles and teaching today's most relevant technologies.

Programming with Scratch
Basic & Advanced

Mobile Apps Design

Exploring Computer Science

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Computational thinking helps even the youngest students in every area of learning.

No programming experience needed
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What is Computing Kids?

Computing Kids is an educational enrichment program for children in grades K-8 in the Seattle and Eastside area. We partner with schools, community groups, and parents to bring computer programming classes to kids in a variety of settings.



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Computer access for all students

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.

Why Is Computer Science Important for Younger  Students?

Computing continues to be one of the fastest growing fields, yet computer science is rarely part of children’s core education. We believe that giving students opportunities to explore programming and learn coding skills is critical to supporting their academic success and beyond.

What is Special About Computing Kids?

Our top-quality educators guide and teach kids to imagine, design, prototype, and build innovative software programs in a fun and collaborative environment. Students gain the hands-on skills they need to become technology creators and problem-solvers.

Programming Classes for Every Skill Level
Unique Curriculum
Adapted by Age & Level

Computing Kids classes make computer science exciting, creative, and fun for a wide range of skill and confidence levels. Dynamic instructors foster an environment of collaborative learning that emphasizes risk-taking and problem-solving supported by plans and tools. Classes are generally offered for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 according to students’ progress level. 

Contact us for more information about class structure and content.

Creative Computing with Scratch –

No previous programming skills are required. Kids enter the world of computer science by creating animations, computer games, and interactive projects using Scratch, an interactive programming language developed at MIT.
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Creative Computing with Scratch –

Building on what students learned in Creative Computing with Scratch – Basic, kids in the Advanced class create increasingly complex games and projects by exploring storyboards as well as building custom blocks and optimizing them by creative use of variables.
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Mobile App Development with App Inventor

No prior programming experience is required. In this hands-on workshop, students learn to build exciting and fun applications for the phone. Mobile apps illustrate functionality such as basic graphics, sound, touch screen inputs, and other sensors. Kids come up with their own app ideas that can be shared with friends and family.
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Exploring Computer Science

This course is designed to inspire kids about the creative potential for computer science to transform society. Students learn the fundamental concepts and big ideas of computing along with coding to prepare them to succeed in the Computer Science Principles High School AP course.
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